Grayslake School District #127 Goes Green

Grayslake High School will offset approximately 32% of their annual energy costs with three solar arrays installed by Continental Electric.  Indianapolis-based Performance Services contracted Continental to design and install 8,755 PV modules totaling 2.7MW.

Grayslake North Ground Mount

Construction at the two schools is scheduled to be done in three phases and will be completed early summer 2017.  North’s ground array is built on a portion of the school’s vacant 25 acres of adjacent land.  It is a fixed tilt solution utilizing AP Alternatives racking.  The 1.4MW array is fed directly to the ComEd overhead lines passing through the property.

The roof arrays are held on the roof with ballast blocks as well as some physical attachments.

South High School has a 634kW array on the roof and North (left) has 729kW on its roof.

Tied into the solar panels will be a classroom curriculum program to include online access to production data from the panels.