Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is a group of focused individuals who are experts in our field and some are legacy members of the industry. For us, construction is a family business.

David Chorley, President

David Chorley


Rick Marder

Rick Marder

Director of Construction Operations

Brian Swiatek

Brian Swiatek

Director of Field Operations

Michael Hanek

Mike meyer

Healthcare Team Leader

Eric Kastengren

Eric Kastengren

Estimating Team Leader

John Martinez

John Martinez, Jr

Mission Critical Team Leader

Steven Wierema

Brian Werner

CRT Team Leader

Menios Bougiotopoulos

Menios Bougiotopoulos

Project Delivery Team Leader

Peter Archaki

Rob Bujwit

Low Voltage Team Leader

Eric Damlos

Eric Damlos

Commercial Team Leader

Eric Damlos

Ashleigh Radecki

Project Coordinator Team Leader

Chicago’s Leading Electrical Contractor

Founded in 1912, Continental Electrical Construction Company is the number one electrical construction company in Chicago and it’s suburbs, as well as one of the largest in the Midwest.