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Electrical maintenance

Our Electrical Maintenance Department provides custom service plans to a wide variety of customers that include Heavy Industrial, Mission Critical, Healthcare, Logistics and all Commercial applications.


Electrical Maintenance Matters

  • Ensures safety
  • Protects the longevity of equipment
  • Saves time and money by preventing unexpected downtime

We specialize in customized Electrical Maintenance Programs that are centered around NFPA70B standards and designed to function in conjunction with the applicable electrical safety program. NFPA70B has a reputation for best practices in electrical safety, and the 2023 revision includes highly detailed instructions and guidelines. Our experts can pave the way for compliance and create plans to suit your needs.

Our Electrical Maintenance Programs (EMP) include the following elements:
  1. Developed and documented maintenance procedures
  2. Equipment condition assessments
  3. Survey and analysis to determine maintenance requirements and priorities
  4. A maintenance, equipment and personnel documentation and records-retention policy.
  5. Incident investigations
  6. Planned inspections, field testing, and test methods
  7. Maintenance of up-to-date single line diagrams
  8. Incident Energy Analysis (Arc-Flash Study)
  9. Infrared Thermographic Inspections (Thermal Scans)
  10. Power Quality Continuous Monitoring and Predictive Techniques 

The Continental Electrical Maintenance Management Platform allows ALL facility electrical stakeholders – to join forces and collaborate in one place. Starting with QR coded equipment linked to a digital one line; to automated alerts, tracking maintenance and repair activities. This will be important to meet the record-keeping requirements of your insurer or regulator as it relates to NFPA 70B.


NFPA 70b Compliance

  • The standard for maintenance and best practices
  • Outlines when and how to perform essential electrical maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

  • Custom Built per customer

  • Yearly Inspection and Service

  • Thermal Scanning

  • Power Quality Studies


Continental Electrical Maintenance Management Platform

  • QR coded equipment
  • Digital one line diagrams
  • Condition tracking & scheduling
  • Cost effective maintenance

what does nfpa 70b mean to you?

Let’s discuss the importance of maintenance and how CECCo’s state of the art platform keeps you compliant, protects the longevity of your equipment, prevents costly downtime, and saves you money in the long run.