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From Recommendation to Standard

Since 1973, NFPA 70B has set the bar for best practices in electrical maintenance. Previously recommended maintenance practices have now become a required industry standard in the 2023 edition. The language has changed from “should” and “may” to “shall” and “will.” We expect many to begin implementing these requirements immediately, to not only ensure improved equipment reliability and up-time, but, most importantly, to ensure worker safety.


Continental is your guide through

NFPA 70B compliance

We can help you with the following:

    1. Assist in the creation of an Electrical Maintenance Program (EMP) that is specific to your facility.
    2. Perform electrical preventive maintenance on all low, medium, and high voltage equipment to improve reliability and extend the life of components and systems.
    3. Develop up-to-date single line drawings, perform, and maintain short circuit and coordination studies, and conduct incident energy analyses to increase the safety and reliability of your systems.
    4. Provide safety and technical training that is customized for your facility and equipment.
    5. Provide a software platform to meet the meet record-keeping requirements.

Take Action for Next Level Reliability

Continental is here to help you thoroughly understand the NFPA 70B changes and ensure all stakeholders have the insight to achieve the highest standards for safety and reliability. We have the expertise and innovative technological solutions to guide your company through compliance, planning, and understanding how the new electrical maintenance requirements impact your existing maintenance programs.

The time to act is now. Electrical Maintenance Programs (EMP’s) are now required to be audited every 5 years. Contact us today to get started with an updated EMP that is customized for your facility.

Knowledge is key. Our FREE on-site NFPA 70E awareness course can get your team up to speed with all the new requirements.




NFPA 70b Compliance

  • The standard for maintenance and best practices
  • Outlines when and how to perform essential electrical maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

  • Custom Built per customer

  • Yearly Inspection and Service

  • Thermal Scanning

  • Power Quality Studies


Continental Electrical Maintenance Management Platform

  • QR coded equipment
  • Digital one line diagrams
  • Condition tracking & scheduling
  • Cost effective maintenance

what does nfpa 70b mean to you?

Let’s discuss the importance of maintenance and how CECCo’s state of the art platform keeps you compliant, protects the longevity of your equipment, prevents costly downtime, and saves you money in the long run.