prefabrication and warehousing

Distribution Center

Our Distribution Center is the hub for our field. Within its 50,000 square feet, it houses prefabrication, tooling, warehouse, and the logistical team that help us run our jobs every day. With their expertise under one roof, we can ensure that our field personnel have what they need to deliver a quality job that’s on time, every time.



Our company is committed to implement prefabrication and preconstruction on our jobs. Our Berkeley facility allows our experienced staff to work with project managers, foreman, and electricians to create solutions for each job. Through the prefabrication process, we can create solutions for our customers without the restraints that a typical jobsite would pose. Besides the final product that customers see, our prefabrication team creates custom logistical solutions to make work in the field more streamlined. With a clean, climate controlled, mobile prefabrication shop, we can tackle any project that comes our way.



Every construction project requires the right tools to complete the job. Managing the tools, equipment, and supplies in one location allows each tool to be stored, logged, and inspected regularly. The team ships about 20 tool deliveries and returns per day. The warehouse & logistics team uses an integrated inventory system to track the location of every one of our 15,000+ tools.


Warehousing & Logistics

The warehousing and logistics team handle an enormous amount of material daily. Besides handling the tooling load, the warehouse receives anywhere from 15-20 deliveries of material and fixtures to jobsites each day. With each delivery, project managers, foreman, and purchasers are notified and material is scheduled to be sent to jobsites. Our three drivers deliver about 10 routes each day to keep material, fixtures, and tools flowing to jobsites, while keeping sites free of any extra clutter – supplies are delivered exactly when they are needed, without any extra packaging.

Distribution Center Walkthrough