Guaranteed Rate Field

This project was unique. Along with being the sports venue of one of our favorite Chicago teams, we had to consider the multi-use space as we helped construct and renovate the field. Along with the field itself, there are restaurants, retail, and luxury entertaining spaces. Plus, there are spaces that host the players, providing spaces for them to practice and recoup. But, we also had to consider the lighting of the field for the viewers physically present and the digital viewers. To accomplish optimal lighting, along with all the build outs happening of hospitality venues within the field, we hand-focused over 600 light fixtures to make sure the field was covered from all angles. We finished the project in 18 months and it was completed in 1991.

US Cellular [Now Guaranteed Rate]

Services Performed:
Field lighting, site lighting, general lighting, concession stations, skyboxes

Seating Capacity:
40, 615

(4) 4,000 AMP
(3) 3,000 AMP
(2) 2,000 AMP
(4) 1,000 AMP
(5) 1,200 AMP
(12) 800 AMP
664 hand-focused, high intensity field lights
1.4 million ft conduit
9,700 fixtures of 70 types

Commercial Projects

One of Continental’s specialties is the design and construction of commercial buildings — projects that have to deliver efficiency, sophisticated performance and aesthetic appeal. Today’s office environments are architecturally unique and include specialized electrical, structured cabling, security, and audio and video systems that need to be integrated and mobilized quickly to ensure operational efficiency.