Three Jobs, One Building

Early in 2018, we were tasked with completing the shell & core of a building as well as two of the interior buildouts. Although we’ve done this type of work before, building different phases of a project with different end clients required precise coordination. For each client, we created a customized solution with different components. The gallery below showcases a specific need from each client. We completed all three projects in 2018.


Services Performed:
General Electrical Work, shell & core, interior buildout

For the shell & core client, they were looking for a unique lighting element to add to the elevator lobby. They settled on this metal piece with backlighting.

For one of the interior build clients, flexible workspaces (including the power desks shown above) were paramount.
As this client focuses on educating their employees, they needed a flexible space that could change sizes easily. For their situation & design, they chose this glass panel door that rises & closes with the touch of a button.

Commercial Projects

One of Continental’s specialties is the design and construction of commercial buildings — projects that have to deliver efficiency, sophisticated performance and aesthetic appeal. Today’s office environments are architecturally unique and include specialized electrical, structured cabling, security, and audio and video systems that need to be integrated and mobilized quickly to ensure operational efficiency.